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  Over the many years of prayer, counseling, and discipling I have noticed we humans exhibit a common tendency, I might even say a unique tendency, to question. As a comparison: I cannot imagine that the elephant, upon arriving at … Continue reading

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Quoting Frangipane, Again

Because I purchase the cheapest tickets possible when I travel overseas, my trips involve a lot of airport layovers and plane changes. I could get there faster and less exhausted if I would spring for better tickets…but usually I’m spending … Continue reading

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No Man’s Land

I’ve noticed something about myself that I believe is common to much of the church in America. It’s a state of being so subtle that, without the help of the Holy Spirit, I could never see it well enough for … Continue reading

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Random Quotes that Move Me

Setting up this site, with no previous experience or understanding, I made a “page” for quotes intending to add to it regularly. Then I realized adding to an established page does not alert my readers that something new is available. … Continue reading

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Beverly’s Story

Beverly came to our fellowship from another state. She had attended church most of her life but it was only after she joined us that she began to understand that the love of God, not the anger or judgment of … Continue reading

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