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I dreamed but I was not sleeping — an event in which I can identify with Paul: ‘whether in the body or out of the body I do not know’. My dream began in the garden, but very quickly Jesus … Continue reading

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In his New Testament letters, Paul teaches that we are to know Jesus Christ in two distinct ways: In the power of His resurrection (my personal favorite of the two) In the fellowship of His suffering I have spent many … Continue reading

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Salvation is Like a Smart Phone

I was reading an account of one of those 19th century Methodist circuit riders – those tough, gritty, determined, persistent, traveling evangelists who took the Gospel to the American frontier. They slept in hollow logs and barns, and every once … Continue reading

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Destiny Now

Today I stopped at a little coffee shop on the mountain top between my little town and the next little town. The lattes are sublime, the view incredible, and they hand-craft a mean Chinese food lunch on Wednesdays. I took … Continue reading

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  Over the many years of prayer, counseling, and discipling I have noticed we humans exhibit a common tendency, I might even say a unique tendency, to question. As a comparison: I cannot imagine that the elephant, upon arriving at … Continue reading

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Quoting Frangipane, Again

Because I purchase the cheapest tickets possible when I travel overseas, my trips involve a lot of airport layovers and plane changes. I could get there faster and less exhausted if I would spring for better tickets…but usually I’m spending … Continue reading

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Home Again

  I’ve just returned from three weeks in the Philippines and I’m shaking off jet lag and culture shock like a dog climbing out of the pond. I’m suddenly delighted with the tiniest things: sheets that caress, rather than scratch, … Continue reading

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Quoting Frangipane

  (all following quotes from Francis Frangipane, The Three Battlegrounds, Arrow Publications. 2014. The conclusions are my own.) “For you to succeed in warfare, your self-preservation instincts must be submitted to the Lord Jesus, for Christ alone is your true … Continue reading

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Flagrant Faith

There is a lot of talk these days about miracles, signs, and wonders. We have gotten used to hearing about awesome healings and mass salvations in third world countries. Whenever I read or hear major evangelists recounting such things I … Continue reading

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Flashbacks from the Philippines: Prison Ministry

(reprinted from 2013 journal) Day 4 Today is Prison Ministry. Unlike America, where we go into the prison and do church services in a comfortable setting, prison ministry here is hot sweaty work. The team set up instruments and sound system beneath … Continue reading

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