Never mind widowhood, empty nests, the persistent clamor of monthly obligations, or the dispersion of family and friends across an increasingly incomprehensible world. These are all passing. God is alive! His Word is in me and He isn’t finished with me yet…not nearly. Not even close.

Far from being dead or dormant, the Bible (my favorite book) speaks across generations, people groups, kingdoms, and empires. An unchanging God gathers us to Himself, writing new verses and chapters that comprise the ongoing story of His compassion toward this world even as we prepare for the next.

I’ve been many things: student, teacher, writer, speaker, wife, mother, equestrian, entrepreneur, and athlete. I’ve known great loss and inexpressible joy. I’ve traversed the dark side of loneliness and lived the rare adventure of marriage to the one who fits me best.

Now I’m just His. I’ve asked Him to use my life to communicate His love, majesty, power, and mercy to a world that needs so much. I’m trying to learn how to stay out of His way, but sometimes I jump right in and make a mess of it. He always bails me out and somehow manages to get the job done in spite of me.

These are my stories. May the eternal God of Heaven and earth, the One who sent His son to rescue me from death, be glorified. He alone is worthy.

He deserves all the credit anyway.

5 Responses to About

  1. LF6 says:

    Very nice blog! Glad our paths have crossed. Keep up the great work 🙂

    II TIM 2:3

  2. What a blessing to give yourself completely to Him, and be His vessel, His living sacrifice. Bless you, my sister. Can’t wait to read more!

    • Hi Susan. Thanks for stopping by, and for the encouragement. I read some of your work and I love the way you express the transformation only He can accomplish. Sometimes our lives must be completely broken before He can fix them. But, thanks be to God, when He puts us back together the end result is always superior to the original. Go for it, all the way! And I will enjoy being on the journey with you through your delightful prose.

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