Quoting Frangipane



(all following quotes from Francis Frangipane, The Three Battlegrounds, Arrow Publications. 2014. The conclusions are my own.)

“For you to succeed in warfare, your self-preservation instincts must be submitted to the Lord Jesus, for Christ alone is your true advocate. We cannot engage in spiritual battle without embracing this knowledge.” p. 18.

“Victory begins with the name of Jesus on your lips, but it will not be consummated until the nature of Jesus is in your heart.” Ibid.

“We need to recognize that the immediate source of many of our problems and oppressions is not demonic but fleshly in nature. We must contend with the fact that one aspect of our lives, our flesh nature, will always be targeted by the devil. These fleshly areas supply Satan with a ready avenue of access to undermine our prayers and neutralize our walk with God.” p.22

“It is quite difficult to break the power of religious self-deception, for the very nature of faith is to give no room for doubt. Once a person is deceived, he does not recognize that he is deceived, because he has been deceived! For all that we think we know, we must know this as well: we can be wrong. If we refuse to accept this truth, how will we ever be corrected from our errors?” p. 30

“It is important to recognize that when we speak of strongholds we are not talking about random thoughts or occasional sins. Rather, the strongholds that affect us most are those which are so hidden in our thinking patterns that we do not recognize them nor identify them as evil…In other words, when our thought-life is in agreement with unbelief, fear or habitual sin, the enemy has rest.” p. 36

“The same Lord who conquered the devil and liberated your heart in salvation is working still to renew your  mind. While it is true that He is our promised land, it is also true that we are His promised land! The giants within our hearts, though they have withstood and humbled us, shall not withstand Him! He is the eternal Lord of Hosts, the Holy One who knows no defeat! p.40

“Another means through which strongholds are structured into our souls is through our experiences and the often erroneous conclusions we draw from them. Our firsthand knowledge, for better or worse, becomes the substructure of what we define as reality. Yet, our experiences, while perfectly valid, are not necessarily conclusive. Unless they actually have become a fulfillment of God’s Word, we must consider our experiences incomplete. We must not allow what we have experienced to diminish our trust in God.” p.46

(Personal comment: The above truth was something I held before me like a beacon after my husband died from cancer. My ministry had become centralized around healing prayer, freedom ministry, and preaching that the word of God is “Yes” and “Amen”. When my very best friend and life companion was not healed, I had to make a decision: allow my experience to determine my beliefs or stake my faith on the eternal and unchanging word of God. This is a decision we all must make at one time or another. God is faithful, but we live in a fallen world and we will never be able to understand why some things happen and some things don’t. The secret things belong to the Lord. But I have come to the place of agreeing with one of my favorite teachers: Although not everyone I pray for gets healed, at least at that time, I know that no one will get healed if I don’t pray. Laurie)

(photo courtesy of christianfreedom.org)

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2 Responses to Quoting Frangipane

  1. Nancy Morris says:

    Wow what wisdom is imparted in your quotes. I so appreciate your personal note, too, Laurie. Thanks!

  2. Thanks, Nancy. Always good to hear from you.

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