Flagrant Faith

There is a lot of talk these days about miracles, signs, and wonders. We have gotten used to hearing about awesome healings and mass salvations in third world countries. Whenever I read or hear major evangelists recounting such things I have said either within myself or to a friend, “Oh, I want to see that…just once in my life, I want to see it for myself!”

Recently I attended a conference where ministers testified about major healings within the United States, the sorts of supernatural acts they had previously only experienced in other countries. This should give us more than hope, more than encouragement…it should ignite a fire within us to be part of a church whose faith invites such intervention from God at every opportunity.

I suspect that when God’s people put Him in a box of limited expectations, then we will experience limited responses. Not that He cannot or does not want to do great and awesome miracles everywhere…even in the United States. Even in Arkansas. Even, if you can imagine, in little towns like mine!

Psalm 103:3 says, “(Praise the Lord…) who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases.”

1 Peter 2:24 reminds us that “By His wounds you have been healed.”

Such promises can be found throughout the Bible. Can we believe them? Does He mention somewhere that He does such work on some continents and not others? Does He restrict His promises to certain people groups?

It takes a boldness, a shamelessness, a courageous disregard for convention to put all my trust in Him for something so big. It’s a common misunderstanding for humans to assign our own intimidations to God. Truth is, what seems big to me is not a big thing for God. He is a very big God. Illness is no big deal to the One who spoke the entire universe into being.

I’m finding in myself a new willingness to believe He wants to do something awesome, something controversial, something downright volatile, right here in my own sphere of influence. I’m beginning to imagine that, if I act as if He will do what He says He will do (meaning step outside my comfort zone and pray)…He might just do it! I’m finding myself meditating on those promises as if He spoke them just for my ear, my life, my need. Could that be possible?

I’m beginning to realize that if I climb out on a limb, irreverent for gravity or other people’s opinions or the way it’s always been done, depending solely on His word, casting all my cares and fear upon Him…I’m beginning to believe that is the exact place He wants me to be so He can be God to me. I think this must mean that I finally understand it’s really all about Him, and nothing about me. Perhaps that has been the only distinction between my activities here and those of people in third world countries who have no place to put their eggs except in God’s basket. They know God is their only hope. I just think about it.

God grant me the courage to put all my eggs in Your basket, to lean not upon my own understanding, to create an atmosphere of flagrant faith by giving You an opportunity to act every time I encounter a huge need. Let me continue to look to Your word, and not to my own past experiences, as a place to hang my confidence. God give me the vision to see every hardship, every disease, in proper proportion to Your bigness.

“We will no longer make up excuses for powerlessness because powerlessness is inexcusable. Our mandate is simple: raise up a generation that can openly display the raw power of God. We are on a quest for the King and His Kingdom.” Bill Johnson, pastor, Bethel Church at Redding, CA


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